Apache with mod_auth_radius starts X requests

Carsten Schulze carsten.schulze at leuphana.de
Thu Aug 16 07:38:29 CEST 2018


I'm using Debian9 with Apache + radius_mod_auth to authenticate some 
user while accessing a directory on that server.

But that didn't work.

I can see Radius Access-Request and Access-Accepts via tcpdump, the 
probleme is, that the request never ends. I interrupted the request with 
an Apache restart after 3Minutes and 1500 Radius-Request (still running).

07:10:14.010157 IP Radius-IP.1812 > RADIUS, Access-Accept
07:13:27.547061 IP > Radius-IP.1812: RADIUS, 
Access-Request (1), id: 0xc2 length: 80
07:13:27.674561 IP Radius-IP.1812 > RADIUS, 
Access-Accept (2), id: 0xc2 length: 20
3000 packets captured

Any Idea about that?

I used that guid for configuration: 

P.S: I can't turn on the debug option, the server wouldn't start.


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