IPv6 accounting RADIUS SQL schema?

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Sat Aug 18 13:11:25 CEST 2018


> On 18/08/2018, at 10:44 PM, Alan Buxey <alan.buxey at gmail.com> wrote:
> how does this all work in practice where the clien thas multiple concurrent
> IPv6 addresses on the NAS?  does the NAS send multiple records (one for
> each address), send multiple IPv6 addresses in a single
> update RADIUS datagram ?

IPv4+IPv6 varies between NAS models and configurations:
Sometimes you get IPv6-only “sessions” (i.e. maybe auth, and accounting).
Sometimes you get combined IPv4 and IPv6 sessions.
Sometimes you get a session for PPP and IPv4, and another for IPv6.

Within that, IPv6 with multiple addresses/prefixes generally results in a single session. Is is very common (the norm) to have multiple addresses - i.e. a subscriber will get a /128 for their “WAN” address, and a /56 or similar for things behind their CPE. These are represented as Framed-IPv6-Prefix and Delegated-IPv6-Prefix respectively, though Cisco (on ASR9k at least) don’t send Framed-IPv6-Prefix and instead send it as Cisco-AVPair = “addrv6=blah”. The usual nonsense, as you can imagine :-)

Check out 3.6 of RFC6911.

Nathan Ward

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