Renew the session at midnight 12 o clock

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Sun Aug 19 05:21:48 CEST 2018

> On 19/08/2018, at 9:34 AM, Imdad Hasan <imdadalikadiwala0 at> wrote:
> Respected All,
> How can i kill old accounting sessions and generate new sessions without
> disconnect the users at every midnight 12 o clock.

Accounting sessions are managed by the NAS and distinguished by Acct-Session-Id etc., so, you can’t really unless your NAS can do this - but I’ve never seen such a “feature”.

Often we return a “Class” in an Access-Accept message, which is included in Accounting requests and is what FreeRADIUS uses to distinguish unique sessions. **Maybe** you can update Class in a CoA, but, that would almost certainly be NAS specific. Additionally, this would not cause the NAS to reset the counters to zero, nor send an accounting start type message.

This is quite a specific question - short answer is “you can’t” - but perhaps we can help if we know what you are doing. What are you looking to achieve? Why do you want new accounting sessions?

Nathan Ward

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