Files merging with SQL

Dean Smith dean at
Thu Aug 23 00:32:00 CEST 2018

I have updated a Freeradius 2.x system to a fresh 3.0.16 build (new
hardware/os from the ground up)


We make use of huntgroups and DEFAULT entries in the files to set L2TP
tunnel forwarding when required or sql to apply a full user profile else.


On 3.0.16 I am seeing that a request that matches a DEFAULT entry within
files (which accepts with assorted tunnel attributes)  is also then using
the sql module and merging the attributes rather than not processing the SQL
if the files section matches.


Have I missed a change in behaviour between 2.x and 3.0.x ? 


In the debug I can see the match in users.then it also calls sql.


Wed Aug 22 23:22:30 2018 : Debug: (1) files: users: Matched entry DEFAULT at
line 1366

Wed Aug 22 23:22:30 2018 : Debug: (1)     modsingle[authorize]: returned
from files (rlm_files)

Wed Aug 22 23:22:30 2018 : Debug: (1)     [files] = ok

Wed Aug 22 23:22:30 2018 : Debug: (1)     modsingle[authorize]: calling sql


The matching users section is.


DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == "xxxxx", User-Name =~ "xxxxxxxx", Auth-Type :=

    Service-Type = Outbound-User,

    Tunnel-Type = L2TP,

    Tunnel-Medium-Type = IP,

    Tunnel-Server-Endpoint:1 = xxxxxxxxx

    Tunnel-Password:1 = xxxxxxxxxx,

    Tunnel-Assignment-Id:1 = xxxxxxxxxx,

    Tunnel-Preference:1 = 1,

    Tunnel-Server-Endpoint:2 +=xxxxxxxxxxxx,

    Tunnel-Password:2 += xxxxxxxxxxxx,

    Tunnel-Assignment-Id:2 += xxxxxxxxxxxxx,

    Tunnel-Preference:2 += 1

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