RESOLVED: Re: Freeradius PSQL not correctly parsing groupcheck/groupreply

Rens Houben rhouben at
Fri Aug 24 14:48:35 CEST 2018

Update: I'm an idiot, apparently.

I'd made a custom instance of the SQL RLM to fit the exact needs and avoid overwriting existing config files, but overlooked this little bit in the config:

        # This entry should be used for additional instances (sql foo {})
        # of the SQL module.
        #group_attribute = "${.:instance}-SQL-Group"

        # This entry should be used for the default instance (sql {})
        # of the SQL module.
       group_attribute = "SQL-Group"

Running with radiusd -XX showed that it didn't substitute the group attribute correctly into the groupcheck/groupreply queries, which put me on the trail and led me to find my error.

Uncommenting the first group_attribute line and commenting out the second fixed it.
Everything works now.

Rens Houben
Systemec Internet Services

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