Help configuring FreeRADIUS on OS X Server - ERROR: (2) mschap: ERROR: (null): status = eServerError

Eric Wittle eric at
Mon Dec 3 03:47:30 CET 2018

I’m working to migrate off of the built-in FreeRADIUS server that is being removed from OS X Server. I have a working configuration using the built-in version. However, after following the instructions that are part of the OS X Server migration guide (, pages 12-16), authentication fails. 

I see an error: “Sun Dec  2 21:18:34 2018 : ERROR: (2) mschap: ERROR: (null): status = eServerError” in the radius.log file.

Following the instructions on the user list, I captured the attached debug file. Any help would be appreciated, because I’m a bit lost.

Thanks in advance.


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