LDAP Post-Auth with computer names using eap-tls certs

Kevin Virk Kevin.Virk at faithlife.com
Mon Dec 3 18:36:58 CET 2018

>Has it been working with FreeRADIUS? Or with a command-line tool?

It has been working with Freeradius.

>That's likely an AD extension to the LDAP standard. It might not work with other LDAP servers.
Ahh yess that makes sense thank you very much.

>The issue here is that FreeRADIUS is intended to work with *multiple* different LDAP servers. Adding specific magic just for AD isn't always simple.
I believe that is what is going on here. I will just revert back to the stage where it was working!

Thank you so much Alan as always you have been a great help


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