Proxy FreeRADIUS Monitoring from LB F5

CALMELS, Thierry (SOGETI REGIONS SAS) thierry.calmels.external at
Sun Dec 9 20:17:49 CET 2018

Hello freeradius support team,

We have an infrastucture using freeRadius 3 (freeradius-3.0.13-8) on RHEL7.5.

The infrastructure implements in front a layer “PROXY RADIUS” (not based on proxy.conf usage – thus we are using a custom proxy logic).
The infrastructure works as expected.

The architecture is as follow:

Client NAS --> LB BigIP F5 --> Proxy FreeRADIUS --> LB BigIP F5 --> BackEnd FreeRADIUS

However we want to improve monitoring made by F5 in front of the layer proxy Radius.
For that, we have configured a Radius profile on the F5, based on username/password declared in the /etc/raddb/users files.

healthcheckVIP   Auth-Type:=Accept, User-Password=="my_password "

Unfortunately, this configuration works only if the healthcheckVIP account is declared on the BackEnd FreeRADIUS!
The account declared on Proxy is not taken in account.
I didn’t find any solution/setting to block the radius request at layer proxy when the account is found and credentials confirmed.

Thank a lot for your support

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