Freeradius MSSQL

Bram Assendorp bramassendorp at
Fri Dec 28 09:29:31 CET 2018


I'm trying to get Freeradius to work with MSSQL.

I have "driver = "rlm_sql_mssql"" but as stated in the above section:

> #  Configuration for the SQL module
> #
> #  The database schemas and queries are located in subdirectories:
> #
> #       sql/<DB>/main/schema.sql        Schema
> #       sql/<DB>/main/queries.conf      Authorisation and Accounting
> queries
> #
> #  Where "DB" is mysql, mssql, oracle, or postgresql.

There should be a file within, sql/mssql/main/schema.sql but it's not
there, there is no mssql folder.

Also when selecting the rlm_sql_mssql driver, what should be the "dialect"?
Should it just be mssql?

Thank you!

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