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Mon Jan 1 04:17:47 CET 2018

> On 1/01/2018, at 2:50 PM, Martin, Jeremy <jmartin at> wrote:
> I don’t see any reference to this in that file.
> Full file below.


I think you have a radiusd.conf from an older version of FreeRADIUS, this has been in the radiusd.conf file since 3.0.5.

I would strongly recommend that you figure out whether you really do have a clean install - how are you installing FreeRADIUS?

The default unless it is configured is false. Set it to true and it should work - don’t do that for anything more than a quick test, though. As I say, go through and figure out if you really do have a clean 3.0.13 install. Perhaps you installed < 3.0.5 then upgraded and there’s a radiusd.rpmnew or something kicking around? I’d suggest installing 3.0.13 from scratch, and avoiding an upgrade.
Perhaps your “clean” install wasn’t on a fresh system, but was rather you removing (or thinking you were removing) FreeRADIUS, then reinstalling it again? If so, between the removal and the reinstall steps, make sure you remove all the config.

Nathan Ward

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