Version 3.0.16 has been released

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 11 19:20:30 CET 2018

  Lots of fixes!

FreeRADIUS 3.0.16 Thu 11 Jan 2018 12:00:00 EST urgency=low
	Feature improvements
	* rlm_python now supports multiple lists.  From #2031.
	* Add trust router re-keying.  From #2007.
	* Add support for Samba / AD LDAP schema.
	  See doc/schemas/ldap/samba/README.txt and
	* Add "tls_min_version" and "tls_max_version" to EAP module
	  for Debian OpenSSL issues.
	* Better documentation for client certificates in PEAP and TTLS:
	  it usually doesn't work.  Fixes #2068.
	* Distinguish login failure from AD unavailable.  Fixes #2069.
	* Update RH spec files.  Fixes #2070.
	* Run Post-Proxy-Type if all home servers are dead.
	  Fixes #2072.
	* Print offending IP addresses when EAP sessions come from
	  two upstream home servers, and rate-limit the messages.
	* Minor packaging updates.
	* Better documentation for rlm_rest.
	* EAP-FAST now has it's own "cipher_list", so that it is
	  easier to configure.
	* EAP-FAST now forcibly disables TLS1.2, until such time
	  as we implement the new keying mechanism from TLS1.2.
	* Add documentation for allow_expired_crl.
	* Update Debian logrotation.  #2093 and #2101.
	* DHCP relay can now drop responses.  #2095.
	* rlm_sqlippool can now assign Delegated-IPv6-Prefix.
	  It also now can assign any IPv4 or IPv6 address.
	  Based on patches from maximumG.  #2094.
	  See raddb/mods-available/sqlippool for changes.
	* radeapclient can now use EAP-SIM-Ki to dynamically
	  create the necessary triplets.
	* Explain why many LDAP connections are closed.
	  Fixes #1969.
	* Debian build / package issues fixed by Matthew Newton.
	* dictionary.patton updates from Brice Schaffner.  Fixes #2137.
	* Added scripts to build "inner-server.pem", and updated
	  mods-config/inner-eap and certs/README to match.
	* Added provisions for using an external CA.  See raddb/certs/
	* Include dhcpclient binary in freeradius-dhcp debian packge.

	Bug fixes
	* Bind the lifetime of program name and python path to the module
	  FR-AD-002 (redone)
	* Pass correct statement length into sqlite3_prepare[_v2]
	  FR-AD-003 (redone)
	* Allow 100-Continue responses with additional headers in rlm_rest.
	* fix corner case where detail files were not being locked
	* Fix (SQL-Group == "%{...}") checks, and same for LDAP-Group.
	  Fixes #1947
	* Clean up exfile code.  Which should help to avoid issues
	  with reading / writing 100's of detail files.
	* Fix build for winbind.  Patch from Alex Clouter.
	* Fix checkrad for Mikrotik.  Patch from Muchael Ducharme.
	* Fix home server stats lookup.  Patch from Phil Mayers.
	* Add libjson-c3 as an optional dependency.
	* Require LTB OpenLDAP on CentOS / Redhat, to avoid linking
	  against NSS, which breaks the server.  Fixes #2040.
	* rlm_python fixes.  Fixes #2041
	* Typos in "man" pages.  Fixes #2045
	* Expand "next" in %{%{...}:-%{...}}.  Fixes #2048
	* Don't add TLS attributes twice.  Fixes #2050.
	* Fix memory allocation in rlm_rest.  Fixes #2051.
	* Update trustrouter for new API. Fixes #2059.
	* Fix SQLite issues on FreeBSD.  Fixes #2060
	* Don't do debug logging of bad passwords.  Fixes #2064.
	* More graceful handling of "die" in rlm_perl.  Fixes #2073.
	* Fix occasional crash when using
	  cisco_accounting_username_bug = yes
	* EAP-FAST fixes from Isaac Boukris.
	  #2078, #2076, and #2082, #2126.
	* DHCP fixes, relay, #2092, add run-time check, #2028
	* Decode multiple RADIUS packets at a time in highly loaded
	  RadSec connections.  Patch from Jan Tomasek.  #2106.
	* TunnelPassword is not "single value" in LDAP schema.
	  Fixes #2061.
	* sql log now opens the expanded filename, not the input one.
	  This was a regression introduced in 3.0.15.
	* Remove unnecessary UNIQUE constrain in Oracle schemas.
	* Fix SSL thread and locking issues when modules also use SSL.
	  Fixes #2125 and #2129.
	* Re-add dhcpclient "raw packet" changes.  Patches from
	  Nicolas Chaigne and Matthew Newton.  Fixes #2155.

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