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Fri Jan 19 04:20:09 CET 2018

> On 19/01/2018, at 3:37 PM, Douglas C Ward <douglas at> wrote:
> Thanks Alan, good stuff. That user is the main admin user for the whole OneLogin account, so I assume that it has the authority to query the LDAP. I’m following the instructions at
> <>
> where it specifies…
> Host name
> Port	
> 389: Use for ldap://. For example, if you are not using SSL, use this port number. This port is primarily provided for your convenience for testing and debugging purposes.
> 636: Use for ldaps://. For example, if you are using SSL, use this port number. We recommend that you use this port for your production implementation.
> Base DN	dc=<subdomain>,dc=onelogin,dc=com
> User's Virtual DN	cn=<email>,ou=users,dc=<subdomain>,dc=onelogin,dc=com
> User's Password	
> Password value.

I notice that you’re using 389 which is non-encrypted - once you get that working, probably a good idea to try ldaps if it’s over the Internet - first though, get 389 working before adding in that complexity..

> And I’ve been very careful to put those in correctly. I’ve also used the admin credentials with <> ’s LDAP Admin Tool, and my credentials test correctly, and I get a full list of users in the table view. I’m not sure what else to try here.

Can you try your manual client with the same filter? (uid=dward at <mailto:uid=dward at>)?

They seem to want to use cn=username at domain rather than uid=username at domain. The uid attribute appears to be the same as uidNumber when I had a look at the OneLogin docs. I don’t know that that’s causing your problem - but it probably doesn’t help.

If you can get the search to work with cn=, and uid= doesn’t work in your client, you want to update the “filter” parameter under “user” in mods-available/ldap.

It’s kinda odd to use cn there, but, whatever!

> Just curious, what would the error message say if I was on 3.0.16?

If chase_referrals is on, the error is "Operations error with LDAP database.  Please see the LDAP server configuration / documentation for more information.”

Nathan Ward

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