Sending accounting and interim usage to couchbase.

Mike Lopes mlopes at
Mon Jan 22 14:33:42 CET 2018

Hi guys,

I've been progressing on the modernisation of our radius infrastructure but I'm stumped, once again.

I am trying to migrate configurations from an older Freeradius 3.0.3 to 3.0.15.

During this time I discovered that this:

# Configuration items are in the format:
# <element name> = '<radius attribute>'

Was changed to this:

# Configuration items are in the format:
#  <radius attribute> = '<element name>'

In mods-available/couchbase..

Thanks to Alan DeKok for pointing that out to me :)

But now I am left wondering if some other things changed.  I reviewed the changelogs from 3.0.3 to 3.0.15 and couldn't spot anything in regards to my issue with couchbase as well as the change above.

In our production setup we have the following in our /etc/raddb/mods-enabled/couchbase:

map {
                sessionId           = 'Acct-Session-Id'
                uniqueId            = 'Acct-Unique-Session-Id'
                lastStatus          = 'Acct-Status-Type'
                userName            = 'User-Name'
                lowercaseUser       = 'Stripped-User-Name'
                userDomain          = 'Stripped-User-Domain'
                nasIpAddress        = 'NAS-IP-Address'
                nasIdentifier       = 'NAS-Identifier'
                nasPort             = 'NAS-Port-Id'
                calledStationId     = 'Called-Station-Id'
                callingStationId    = 'Calling-Station-Id'
                framedIpAddress     = 'Framed-IP-Address'
                framedRoute         = 'Framed-Route'
               framedIpv6Address   = 'Framed-IPv6-Prefix'
                framedIpv6Id        = 'Framed-Interface-Id'
                framedV6Route       = 'Delegated-IPv6-Prefix'
                multiSessionId      = 'Acct-Multi-Session-Id'
                multiSessionCount   = 'Acct-Link-Count'
                TerminateCause      = 'Acct-Terminate-Cause'
                sessionTime         = 'Acct-Session-Time'
                lastUpdated         = 'Event-Timestamp'

usage {
                lastStatus          = 'Acct-Status-Type'
                timeStamp           = 'Event-Timestamp'
                download            = 'Acct-Output-Octets64'
                upload              = 'Acct-Input-Octets64'

On the new servers, I am using the following:

update {
                Acct-Session-Id         = 'sessionId'
                Acct-Unique-Session-Id  = 'uniqueId'
                Acct-Status-Type        = 'lastStatus'
                User-Name               = 'userName'
                Stripped-User-Name      = 'lowercaseUser'
                Stripped-User-Domain    = 'userDomain'
                NAS-IP-Address          = 'nasIpAddress'
                NAS-Identifier          = 'nasIdentifier'
                NAS-Port-Id             = 'nasPort'
                Called-Station-Id       = 'calledStationId'
                Calling-Station-Id      = 'callingStationId'
                Framed-IP-Address       = 'framedIpAddress'
                Framed-Route            = 'framedRoute'
                Framed-IPv6-Prefix      = 'framedIpv6Address'
                Framed-Interface-Id     = 'framedIpv6Id'
                Delegated-IPv6-Prefix   = 'framedV6Route'
                Acct-Multi-Session-Id   = 'multiSessionId'
                Acct-Link-Count         = 'multiSessionCount'
                Acct-Terminate-Cause    = 'TerminateCause'
                Acct-Session-Time       = 'sessionTime'
                Event-Timestamp         = 'lastUpdated'

usage {
                Acct-Status-Type        = 'lastStatus'
                Event-Timestamp         = 'timeStamp'
                Acct-Output-Octets64    = 'download'
                Acct-Input-Octets64     = 'upload'

Now on my new server, it completely skips over the usage part and I'm no longer getting the interim updates into our couchbase server.  I'm assuming that what used to work, no longer works. So it may have moved or remove.  Or probably, it I missed something in another file, possibly in mods-config.

Could someone point me in the right direction?



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