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Tue Jan 23 12:08:41 CET 2018

> On 23/01/2018, at 11:55 PM, bruno d'ambrosio <brunodambrosio2011 at hotmail.it <mailto:brunodambrosio2011 at hotmail.it>> wrote:
> Hello Dear User
> As I understand it, first the project was called BreldoItalia Wi-Fi Hotspot, now called BreldoItalia Engineering Wireless. 
> They have designed a nice stand-alone hotspot system to be tried absolutely. 
> I'm just saying that if you can use their product to see how their system works it's not bad.
> I'm not advertising even I know them to BreldoItalia.

You say here “It’s not bad” - which means you must have used it. But you also say:

> On 23/01/2018, at 11:04 PM, bruno d'ambrosio <brunodambrosio2011 at hotmail.it <mailto:brunodambrosio2011 at hotmail.it>> wrote:
> I've never tried the BreldoItalia Hotspot system

In English there is an idiom, “digging yourself in to a hole”. It refers to when you get stuck in a story or a lie or some sort of bad situation (a “hole”) and you keep talking trying to talk your way out of it, when you are actually making it worse for yourself.

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So, to you I say: “dig up”. I won’t say anything more.
Nathan Ward

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