Seek some informations for dynamic vlan attribution on freeradius V3 based on LDap.

Yaël Rozanes irozanes387 at
Wed Jan 24 15:48:05 CET 2018

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for possible English mistakes.

I set up à Freeradius server ( version 3.0.12 ) on debian,  it is coupled to an ldap for the authentification.

This part works correctly, but i want  to use the description field of my Ldap ( or an other field )  as I was using it in freeradius V2 to associate users with a Vlan.

I was using "chekItem     LDAP-Desc      description" on freeradius V2 in the file ldap.attrmap.

I didn't find an equivalent solution on freeradius V3, and I would have liked to know if there was any documentation on dynamic allocation of Vlan or if this solution was possible on Freeradius V3?

I found my first solution on this Website :

i'v already read the guides on wiki-radius like the eduroam conf, but but it wasn't the right solution for me.

thanks in advance for your answers,

and apologize again for the mistakes i've made, im a nweebie in the IT world.

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