Howto provide free airtime or no accounting in night for quota base user

Thu Jan 25 09:04:48 CET 2018

Ok my understanding is once a user is connected to the NAS, all accounting will transfer to the FR radacct table via interim update and we cannot exclude specific sites accounting. Ok for specific users (group) we have to create some magical code in FR that should check for specific user details and if the user service allows free airtime, then donot update the radacct table or less the data ? I dont need exact codes but still i am looking for some more directions if possible.

Thank you

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some smarts elsewhere would ensure that traffic to certain services is
umlimited - eg use routing to ensure
that such traffic doesnt go through a metered link.

your overnight question could probably be done in FR currently - in
your accounting section(s) you would need to wrap
your current calls with some unlang that checks the timestamp of the
packet and only proceeds  if the time is not within
a particular range.there would have to be some other logic for the
accounting stop've ignored the interim-uddates? no,
they'd have to go into some other increment table and then taken off
the final stop packet...

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