Segmentation fault - Radius Accounting

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Jan 26 14:18:29 CET 2018

On Jan 26, 2018, at 8:13 AM, Richard J Palmer <richard at> wrote:
> We have a realm that we are trying to proxy. For auth it works fine... BUT for accounting it fails.
> Running radiusd -X when we get an accounting packet we get the following:

  What version of the server are you using?
> ...
> (1) suffix: Proxying request from user 01234567890 at to realm
> Segmentation fault

  See doc/bugs, which describes how to get more information.

> Auth requests that are proxied to the same server. The home server is another freeradius server.
> After some digging I have found the cause - which MAY be of interest ....  in proxy.conf one of the realms was duplicated

  Hmm... that should be forbidden.  I'll check.

> With a single instance all is good - but occidentally duplicate and this is reproducible here.
> This is not high prority in any way and was triggered by a config issue - BUT I thought this might be interesting.
> If you need any extra information let me know - I am more than happy to help

  The version and information from:

  Alan DeKok.

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