check valid chap password

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Jan 29 16:33:57 CET 2018

On Jan 29, 2018, at 9:38 AM, تعلم البرمجة <mido2010bona at> wrote:
> i am very sorry alan but you didnt reply to this " iwant send to my php if
> freeradius accept password or not accept

  Read raddb/sites-available/default.  See the "post-auth" section.  There are different policies run for Access-Accept, and Access-Reject.

> or
> another solution i want convert cleartext password to chap-password or
> MS-CHAP  " ?? Please help me

  FreeRADIUS does that automatically.  If you want to do it in PHP, (a) read the specs and implement it yourself, or (b) find a PHP library to do it for you.

  We don't do PHP, and can't help you with PHP questions.

  Alan DeKok.

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