Can't use winbind in 3.0.16

Jonathan Gazeley jonathan.gazeley at
Tue Jan 30 13:49:12 CET 2018

On 25/01/18 13:02, Matthew Newton wrote:
> On Thu, 2018-01-25 at 13:00 +0000, Alan Buxey wrote:
>> As the feature isn't there then I guess so, yes. Probably related to
>> the
>> specific extras needed for winbind support to be compiled in.
>> Matthew, if
>> this is the case then can the offices build please support winbind
>> asap? ;)
> Investigating...

Any progress on this?

I also noticed that since upgrading to the official 3.0.16 RPM, radiusd 
does not survive a reboot and fails with:

[jg4461 at radius-jg4461 ~]$ sudo radiusd -X

radiusd: #### Opening IP addresses and Ports ####
listen {
      type = "control"
  listen {
      socket = "/var/run/radiusd/radiusd.sock"
      uid = "radiusd"
      gid = "radiusd"
      mode = "rw"
      peercred = yes
Failed creating control socket "/var/run/radiusd/radiusd.sock": Failed 
binding to /var/run/radiusd/radiusd.sock: No such file or directory

The path and config are the same as our home-built 3.0.15 so there could 
be a problem with the packaging process and the way it creates 
directories. We don't do anything funky with the default paths in our 

We've had to roll back to our known-good 3.0.15 for now but I'm happy to 
prod around at my dev system if that helps.


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