Can't use winbind in 3.0.16

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Tue Jan 30 14:37:45 CET 2018

Yes, need to check the paths created and ensure the service and scripts are
using the right place and there isn't a discrepency


On 30 Jan 2018 1:17 pm, "Jonathan Gazeley" <jonathan.gazeley at>

> On 30/01/18 13:15, Krzysztof Grobelak wrote:
>> Do you run this by any chance on AWS EC2 instance? Cause if yes AWS seems
>> to be removing the custom directories from /var/run.
> No, this is a stock CentOS 7 system installed locally on VMware.
> I think we came to lose this directory by removing the 3.0.15 RPM, taking
> the directory with it, and then installing 3.0.16 didn't replace it.
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