Reliably identify guest users/clients

Nico Thomas nico.thomas at
Tue Jul 3 21:38:08 CEST 2018


I'm working on a module which allows a WiFi network host to dynamically 
or deny guests when they login.
Therefore, known Cleartext-Passwords (or guest account data in general) 
are not
available when mod_authorize is called.

As my first idea of setting Auth-Type accept isn't possible in 
combination with
EAP, I'm currently using a predefined password independent from the user 
Then, I try to identify known users later. This is necessary as the
Access-Requests are typically retransmitted faster than the network host can
decide whether to let a guest in or not. At the moment, only 
and user name are used for identification, which I am not really happy with.

So my question is: Are there other attributes available to a module in 
to the Calling-Station-Id, which could be used to identify a user/device
(besides credentials)?

Thanks in advance and regards,


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