Stale Sessions in FR vs Active users in NAS

Wed Jul 11 12:35:56 CEST 2018

Scenario: Freeradius server ver 2.2.8 on Ubuntu Server.
NAS is Mikrotik Router model ccr1036 ver 6.42.4

Sometimes dueto communication problems, we see difference in NAS online users vs Freeradius online users (radacct users with acctstoptime is NULL)

If NAS and Radius communication disconnects BUT users are online in NAS, Radius will close all active sessions after 10 minutes (by our check stale script which checks lastupdate column in radacct, and because script will think NAS is offline it closes sessions to avoid false sessions/sim checks errors).

Afterwards communication restores, and NAS sends already connected users accounting packets to RADIUS, FR will discards them because there are no active session in RADACCT that matches NAS sent acct session ID's. for single NAS i can use bash script, but for MULTIPLE NASES,

If this is correct, then what is the solution to this problem?



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