Yet another shared secret mismatch issue

Alberto Martínez Setién alberto.martinez at
Thu Jul 12 09:39:58 CEST 2018

Hi Herwin,

> You could use that to decrypt the User-Password attribute. If it turn
> out like garbage it probably used a different shared secret than you
> configured.
Garbage indeed.

RADIUS Protocol
    Code: Access-Request (1)
    Packet identifier: 0x2 (2)
    Length: 271
    Authenticator: 579f8d81dc3deb6a9f37ebae3d0b7cde
    Attribute Value Pairs
        AVP: l=14 t=User-Name(1): 9068C3435B5A
        AVP: l=18 t=User-Password(2): Decrypted:
        AVP: l=6 t=Service-Type(6): Call-Check(10)
        AVP: l=6 t=NAS-IP-Address(4):
        AVP: l=22 t=NAS-Identifier(32): WLAN-pruebas_udguest
        AVP: l=30 t=Called-Station-Id(30): DC0856003BF0:pruebas_udguest
        AVP: l=6 t=NAS-Port-Type(61): Wireless-802.11(19)
        AVP: l=6 t=NAS-Port(5): 1
        AVP: l=11 t=NAS-Port-Id(87): wifi-2.4G
        AVP: l=14 t=Calling-Station-Id(31): 9068C3435B5A
        AVP: l=46 t=Acct-Session-Id(44):
        AVP: l=6 t=Framed-MTU(12): 1400
        AVP: l=28 t=Vendor-Specific(26) v=Xylan Corp.(800)
        AVP: l=20 t=Vendor-Specific(26) v=Xylan Corp.(800)
        AVP: l=18 t=Message-Authenticator(80):


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