Install Additional Certificates

Byron Jeffery byronjeffery at
Fri Jul 13 12:36:47 CEST 2018


Currently we have a Freeradius server setup for 802.1X auth (against Active
Directory) for our wifi as well as an Internet content filter that does SSL
inspections and so requires an install of the SSL certificate.

As we are predominately BYOD, certificate deployment can become tricky at
best, not so much on the radius wifi side but on the content filter side as
sometimes the user misses the step to install the content filter

Apart from MDM solutions or captive portal solutions, could I perhaps
somehow get FreeRadius server to check for the additional certificate and
if it is not there, prompt to install the certificate.  My thinking is to
get all the certificates installed during the initial signup to the wifi.

I am open to suggestions if there are alternatives.

   - Kind Regards

   - Byron Jeffery

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