Use Max-Daily-Session But Timeout Session every 30mins if limit not reached

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jul 19 15:27:44 CEST 2018

On Jul 19, 2018, at 2:50 AM, Uchenna Nebedum <nebeduch at> wrote:
> I am using dailycounter for Max-Daily-Session  but i still want to timeout
> user session every 30mins till Max-Daily-Session reached. A way i thought
> to achieve this would be to add unlang after dailycounter in the conf,
> something like
> (if reply Session-Timeout > 1800){ Session-Timeout := 1800 }

  Yes, something like that will work.

> I'm not sure if this method would work and not sure of the implications.
> Not too sure of what the unlang should look like. Please any help would be
> greatly  appreciated.

$ man unlang

  Look for "enforcement and filtering"

  and read the dozens of examples in the config files.  It's not difficult.

post-auth {
	update reply {
		Session-Timeout <= 1800

  Alan DeKok.

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