Execute shell script in older version of FreeRADIUS

MLists mlists at starmania.net
Thu Mar 1 19:37:32 CET 2018

> "The exec module may look like it works for one or two tests, but in a live situation it can cause the server to become unresponsive under load" 
> and I think we have been suffering from this.

Luckily here we're only at maybe 20 or 30 requests in a day, so I'm not tooworried about that :-)

> More generally, when you say "what I need to do is run one script after a user is authenticated to which will extract the username and the IP address" 
> what problem are you trying to solve?  This information can be had from (or made to appear in) radacct and radpostauth tables.

The new server that we have in place has a strict requirement to work only with DNS and not IP's... that’s not a problem for our local devices as that is all handled on the LAN with the local DHCP server... but the devices which are authenticated by our RADIUS server (which is actually proxy to a 3rd party RADIUS server that we don't control) don’t have those DNS entries... so this is basically a quick and dirty hack to create/update a DNS entry for them when they authenticate.   

Essentially a legacy system that authenticates to another legacy system that we don’t control that proxies from a legacy system that we do control.  All held together with toothpicks and krazy glue.



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