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I need Help to try to create a new table (MariaDB) with one row from each user identified by day on the radacct.


Because radacct is growing fast I need to store a new table with the visits per day by username.


Something like visits_table





with username and date_visit unique keys.


Also a need to store this table in a different server from the server where is installed the radius_db.


I've been reading and I can do a trigger on radius_db and every insert on radacct fire an insert-update on the new visits_table.


Also a I can create this visits_table as a FederatedX table on the other MariaDB machine.


I would like to know if someone have done this before and can give me a little bit of light on how to solve this.


I think with the trigger and plus the FederatedX maybe a slow down to much the database, maybe some code (need help in this) on the radius part will do the job better.


If anyone can give me a hand will be appreciate.






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