Strongswan integration, Access-Request contains no credentials?

Brian Julin BJulin at
Fri Mar 16 15:41:18 CET 2018

Phil Frost <phil at> wrote
> When strongswan is configured to use the eap-radius plugin, there is no
> additional configuration for strongswan to indicate what EAP method should
> be used. Please excuse my ignorance as I'm still learning these things, but
> isn't the EAP protocol initiated by the authenticator, in this case
> strongswan, and by proxy, freeradius?

I think you meant to reply on the other thread, so I changed the subject back.

That's the way it normally happens, but I believe there are mechanisms to have
the AAA server send the EAP Identity-request instead.  There are no EAP type options
in strongswan because negotiating that (to the extent the protocol allows it)
is between the AAA server and client.  The NAS may send the EAP-Identity request
and handles crowbarring EAP messages into whatever it is using to communicate
to the client, but otherwise is just a go between for the EAP conversation.

However I did just look at some old logs I had kicking around and you should be getting
an EAP-Message attribute on your first packet received on the FreeRADIUS
side.  So maybe your session is falling into a connection profile not
set to auth: eap-radius?  In any case as long as you are using eap-radius
you'll need to configure the eap module and ensure it is activated in the
relevant sections.  You configure the mschapv2 or inner-eap-then-mschapv2
exchange in that module's config section.

On the client side I don't know if the "smart" autodetection features on clients work...
I've always configured them to know what EAP type to expect because you have to
do that to lock down the PKI securely, anyway.

As to strongswan not sending the initial EAP-Message attribute that's something to
look at strongswan logs for and maybe ask on #strongswan.

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