Strongswan integration, Access-Request contains no credentials?

Brian Julin BJulin at
Fri Mar 16 16:57:38 CET 2018

Phil Frost <phil at> wrote:
> 1. In strongswan.conf, I had "charon.eap-radius.eap_start = yes". This
> needs to be "no". This is why there was no EAP-Message in the initial
> exchange with freeradius. I found this confusingly backwards -- "eap_start
> = no" means strongswan SHOULD start the EAP exchange. If it's set to "yes"
> then it just sends an Access-Request to freeradius with no EAP-Message, and
> freeradius is supposed to reply with an EAP-Message. As far as I've seen
> there's no way to configure freeradius this way: an Access-Request which
> contains to EAP-Message nor any other kind of credentials will simply be
> rejected with Access-Reject, which tells stronsgwan to fail the IKEv2
> exchange.

Either that option is broken due to bitrot, or there is some use case in sending
an EAP-Start *to* the client (not that I know of).  AFAICT the idea here
would be to send it to FR, and it obviously does not.  rlm_eap does document
that it will detect an EAP-Start and send back an identity, though normally
it is the NAS that should handle this part of the exchange.

At any rate there's a comment saying not to use the option with FR in the
default strongswan config file:

    # Send EAP-Start instead of EAP-Identity to start RADIUS conversation.
    # Doing this gives FreeRADIUS fits... some sort of hardcoded forwarding loop
    # eap_start = yes

...I'm not sure if the alleged "loop" problem is still a problem

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