Authentication with MACADDRESS and PASSWORD

Aleksandr Stepanov alex-eri at
Tue Mar 20 15:17:45 CET 2018

With MAC auth password is set by NAS/BRAS. Usualy empty or exact mac address. there is no way to set it on client.

You need to detect this type of requests and skip pap\chap\etc for it.

Like if User-Name == Calling-Station-id then access-accept.

Best regards, Aleksandr Stepanov.

20.03.2018, 16:25, "Paolo D'Angeli" <p.dangeli at>:
> It's possibile to enable autentication with Freeradius server using
> MACADDRESS (username) and password (textmode) ?
> I've try this:
> 0014853077be Cleartext-Password := "passwordtest"
> Tunnel-Private-Group-ID := 3
> Using MACADDRESS for "password" it works fine, but I dont know how to
> set password on client (Mac/Linux/windows)
> Thanks
> Paolo
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