Eap in v4

Aleksandr Stepanov alex-eri at ya.ru
Wed Mar 21 13:44:19 CET 2018

Using default is not flexible. I want to create project with radius attached to business logic, not  business on top of freerad. SQL scheme would be very different with Freeradius defaut.

Best regards, Aleksandr Stepanov.

21.03.2018, 10:36, "Alan DeKok" <aland at deployingradius.com>:
> On Mar 20, 2018, at 7:17 PM, Aleksandr Stepanov <alex-eri at ya.ru> wrote:
>>  solution comes faster if asked)
>>  authenticate mschap {
>>          mschap
>>  }
>   An even faster solution is "don't destroy the default configuration". Over-writing the v4 configuration with files from v3 is wrong. If you want to upgrade, read raddb/README.md
>   And repeat after me: Use the default configuration. It works.
>   Alan DeKok.
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