3GPP: multiple attributes, port from file based authentication to sql

Wolfgang Zeitler zeitler.wolfgang at gmx.de
Sat Mar 24 14:02:11 CET 2018

Hi there,
I'm currently running freeradius to authenticate mobile devices on a 4G network.
For authentication I have to check multiple attributes. The user - file is currently populated like that:

user            Cleartext-password := "password", 3GPP-IMSI == 262011234567, Called-Station-ID == "apn-name"
                User-Name = user,
				Service-Type = Framed,
                Framed-Protocol = GPRS-PDP-Context,
                Framed-IPv6-Prefix = 2001:DB8::/64,
                Framed-Interface-ID = 0:0:0:2,
                Reply-Message = "Welcome To Lab Network",
                Acct-Session-Id = 00000001,

I'm currently wondering, how to port that into the radcheck and the radreply table.
I understood, whith the default configuration, only one attribute will be checked, e.g. Cleartext-password

Thank you for support

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