Is it possible to change a session's or account's lifetime

张强 zhangqiang at
Tue Mar 27 05:14:03 CEST 2018

Hi Alan, thanks for your reply.

A captive portal is excatly what I'm trying to make, 
but our scenario is rather complicated. The user 
have to be taken from the portal to a mobile 
application to continue the authentication process 
which will need Internet access. That's why I need 
to temporarily allow the user's access.

If I understood you right, I have to make the user 
to re-authenticate to let the NAS know the Expiration 
attribute has changed? If so, I think configuring the 
NAS to authenticate with freeRADIUS every 10 
minutes, and making the initial expiration value to a 
little longer than 10 min will solve the problem. 
Am I right?

And I'm terribly sorry if this post doesn't follow the 
thread I started previously, I don't know how to follow 
a thread when replying to a mailing list.

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