allow both /etc/freeradius/users and LDAP authentification

jean-francois MONI jean-francois.moni at
Wed Mar 28 11:57:47 CEST 2018

this is my first post, hope it's ok.
I'm running a freeradius server wich allow authentification through our 
AD (EAP-MSCHAP auth)and it works fine.
I'd like to allow authentification for our visitors by using the USERS 
file at the same time.
WHen I add a local user, i receive an EAP/TLS error.
First, I'd like to know if if it's even possible to do so.
And second, a few tricks to help me to do so.
thanks a lot

Jean-François MONI
Technicien Informatique
Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine
146 rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux Cedex

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