Mac OSx reconnecting after waking from sleep

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Wed Sep 5 13:32:58 CEST 2018

How do you live with yourself buying products from a company that has suicide nets around its building in china for the slave labor there?

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On Sep 5, 2018, at 7:06 AM, Byron Jeffery <byronjeffery at> wrote:
> I know I am probably asking in the wrong place, but apart from very 
> little information on the Internet, I have no way to determine if this 
> is somewhat normal anticipated behaviour with macbooks and because it 
> is so random, replicating the issue is almost fruitless to attempt to work out the fault.

  >I use a MacBook every day, and I don't recall seeing this.  If anything, it's an Apple issue.

 > Make sure that the systems are up to date, and then go poke Apple as to why their over-priced laptops don't work.

  >I say this as someone who owns too much Apple stuff.  :(

  Alan DeKok.

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