Using other ldap attribute as wifi password

Wim Vinckier wimpunk at
Wed Sep 5 17:54:19 CEST 2018

Hi List,

I've configured freeIPA and freeRadius so I could use my ldap password as
login to the network.  Unfortunatly my manager wants me to change the
system so it would be possible to use another ldap attribute as wifi
I already extended the ldap configuration with an wifiCode attribute and
when I query the ldap database I get the correct result back.  The
ipa-tools also return the correct value.
Now I want to use this field in freeradius but I get stuck.  I replaced the
line "control:NT-Password             := 'ipaNTHash'" by
"control:Cleartext-Password      := 'wifiCode'" but without any result.
Is there any other thing I have to change to make it working?

Kind regards,

Wim Vinckier.

I would love to change the world, but they wont give me the source code.

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