SQL Query Examples for FreeRadius

me at erikthiart.com me at erikthiart.com
Wed Sep 5 18:55:16 CEST 2018

>  All of this data should be in an SQL database.  You can use normal SQL queries to find this information.
> The schema for FreeRADIUS is well documented.

Hello Alan, thanks for replying to my e-mail. First time I am using an email list, I hope this reply-to attempt works as intended...

I understand what you are saying, I think my question should’ve been more clear, I am looking for go to queries that the veterans reply on, in my case I had to bump my head when my online users query did not return the data I thought, example my query was:
SELECT username FROM radacct WHERE acctstoptime IS NULL

Being completely new to freeradius I thought this would work (the logic in my mind checked out), turns out there is a ton of garbage sessions that never closed, mikrotik got shutdown unexpectedly or for whatever other reason, point is if there was a documented collection of SQL queries freeradius users generally rely on, I could have avoided a bit of my time being wasted. 

So to put it into context what I would like to do is create a page with useful queries, crowdsourced from the freeradius community to help new commers like myself and those after me. 

I hope this explains it a bit better?

PS: You need to read this email from the perspective of me being completely new to this, I am a windows user :P

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