how to manage dynamic list of realms

Gil Sudai gilsudai at
Fri Sep 7 09:10:01 CEST 2018


I am new to freeRadius. Went over the docs but not fully understand what to

I am planning following solution:  A system where companies (aka realm in
radius?) can be added or remove dynamically. And for each company there is
a dynamic list of users. For example user at comp-1com, user at, etc.

Users will authenticate with name and password.

I would like tips and pointers for further reading regarding the following

- Is it possible to add & remove a company (realm?) dynamically without
restarting the radius server?

- How to setup the radius to support multiple (dynamic) realms?

- I want to put the users in postgresql db. When a user is added to a
company my code will add it to the db. To store all users from all realms
will be in a single db table (realm would be a column) or in different db

- do I need to use virtual servers for that or only realms?

- How to configure the virtual server or realms?

Again – any tips or pointers for better understanding is welcome


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