issue with realm

Somanath Mishra somanath.mishra at
Fri Sep 14 13:29:46 CEST 2018


  I am facing issue with configuring realms.

  My requirement was "need to forward accounting packet to Fortigate".

 In radacct i am not getting Realm . below you can see my radacct table data.


# radacctid, acctsessionid, acctuniqueid, username, groupname, realm,
nasipaddress, nasportid, nasporttype, acctstarttime, acctupdatetime,
acctstoptime, acctinterval, acctsessiontime, acctauthentic,
connectinfo_start, connectinfo_stop, acctinputoctets, acctoutputoctets,
calledstationid, callingstationid, acctterminatecause, servicetype,
framedprotocol, framedipaddress

'2', '3C07A8C0-0008A16D', '33dcf4d9b2a4e05be6c38b2b6509ea6c', 'bob',
'students', '', '', '0', 'Wireless-802.11', '2018-09-13
14:59:36', '2018-09-13 14:59:36', '2018-09-13 15:06:07', NULL, '390',
'RADIUS', 'CONNECT Unknown Radio', 'CONNECT Unknown Radio', '625711',
'8754721', '00:0c:29:67:6d:ec', '17:f0:r4:b0:fe:td', 'User-Request', '',
'', ''


 so to show realm value in radacct and send accounting packets to
fortigate  i modified in radiusd.conf and proxy.conf. below you can see
change that i made to conf files:


modules {

        realm FortiGate {

             format = suffix

             delimiter = "@"





 realm FortiGate {

      authhost     =
      accthost     =
      secret       =a1rl08



I am not getting anything. I know i am doing wrong. Can you suggest me
please how to achieve this?

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