Installing from RPM with Samba4

Norman Elton normelton at
Wed Sep 19 15:30:56 CEST 2018


First, apologies for what is more a RPM/YUM problem than a FreeRADIUS problem.

I've been using the RedHat-supplied RPMs for many years on our RHEL6
servers, but am trying to move toward networkradius-supplied packages,
in order to keep up to date with more recent FreeRADIUS releases.

We currently have the samba4 packages installed:

# rpm -qa | grep samba

The samba4-libs package provides /usr/lib64/samba/

When I try to install the newer version of FreeRADIUS, it's not happy
with this dependency, and tries to install samba-winbind-clients,
resulting in a conflict:

--> Processing Dependency: for package:
---> Package samba-winbind-clients.x86_64 0:3.6.23-51.el6 will be installed
Error: samba4-common conflicts with samba-common-3.6.23-51.el6.x86_64

Looking at the specfile on github, I see this nugget:

%{?el7:Requires: libwbclient}
%{?el6:Requires: samba4-libs}
%{?el6:Requires: samba4-winbind-clients}

Since I'm RHEL6, I'm not sure where the libwbclient dependency is coming from.

Using repoquery, I can show the requirements of freeradius:

# repoquery --requires freeradius | grep libwbclient

And what samba4-libs provides:

# repoquery --provides samba4-libs | grep libwbclient

They're not quite the same, and I'm not sure what the part inside the
parentheses actually does.

All that said ... any ideas how to install FreeRADIUS alongside samba4?



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