Is this a job for FreeRadius?

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Tue Sep 25 01:00:44 CEST 2018

I don't think you're on the right track. Radius is the wrong layer to look at. You should "zoom out" and look again. You probably want some kind of proxy server to accomplish what you want (on top of the host authentication you already implemented).

On September 24, 2018 11:19:00 PM GMT+02:00, Bret Schuhmacher <ultimatebeersnob at> wrote:
>Hi all,
>First post... just seeing if I'm on the right track.
>I have my router locked down to prevent my kids from bringing
>devices into the house... I change the router passwords daily and have
>locked down by MAC address.  However, once I give them the daily
>they have full internet access to do homework.  Unfortunately, once
>have the password they seem to be watching youtube and other things
>of doing homework.
>Can I use FreeRadius to limit their access to the Internet to exclude a
>list of blacklisted sites until they prove their homework is done and I
>flip some bits to make policy changes **PER USER** and allow one child
>access to youtube without allowing the other child access?
>I feel like I can, but all I'm looking for here is a "yes you can do
>and I'll keep trying to figure it out - I just want to see if I'm on
>right track.
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