Any way to set device group in clients.conf?

Mike Ely me at
Fri Aug 9 02:00:05 CEST 2019

We're authenticating our users via AD using a combination of
clients.conf and then a perl script in post-auth. This works fine with
the exception that the device has to be defined in both clients.conf and
the perl script. To avoid the possibility of mistakes I'm trying to
remove this duplication if at all possible. After scouring the official
documentation all afternoon as well as looking at external sources I'm
nowhere closer to knowing how to do this than before.

Ideally I'd like to do something like this:

client router-a {
	ipaddr		=
	secret		= topsecret
	deviceclass	= NOC_only

client IPMI-a {
	ipaddr		=
	secret		= moresecret
	deviceclass	= OPS_only

client VPM-a {
	ipaddr		=
	secret		= mostsecret
	deviceclass	= NOC_OPS

I'm not attached to "deviceclass" in any literal sense, just using it as
an example of what I'm trying to accomplish. Ideally then the perl
script could do what it normally does, which is to examine the
authenticated request and authorize if the authenticated user is a
member of the requisite group, only it's looking up the device's type
from the original request rather than having to maintain a separate
array of IP addresses which can get out of sync from clients.conf.

One thing I had considered was adding the bogus deviceclass attribute in
clients.conf and just having the perl script read that out of the file,
but then I ran into a stopper: among the many unforgivable bugs the
Supermicro IPMI has in its radius stack is that it _always_ passes as its NAS-IP-Address in the radius request:

(0) perl: &request:NAS-IP-Address = $RAD_REQUEST{'NAS-IP-Address'} ->

Thus the perl script assumes that any request coming in with that
attribute pair is an IPMI:

my @ipmi = '';

Please forgive this digression, but I felt it useful to explain the sort
of Catch-22 situation that I'm in with these IPMI devices. Any help
figuring out how to get a device type set from clients.conf would be
very welcome.

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