Freeradius 3.16 and mysql - duplicated entries in radpostauth

Marcin Marszałkowski m.marszal at
Mon Aug 19 16:40:27 CEST 2019

>  There's no need to test.  If you read the documentation about how Post-Auth-Type works, you will understand how it works.

You are right, but this seems to work; maybe for not all the cases but at least in mine case.

 if (&reply:EAP-Session-Id) {
     else {
Suggestions for improvement?

>  And PLEASE edit your posts to the list.  There is no need to quote hundreds of lines of text when replying to a message.  The list guideline page on the Wiki says this:

I’ve read it and there’s only info about (not) reposting and I didn’t. My bad, since my email client automatically wraps previous messages and I didn’t notice them.

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