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Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Aug 21 14:05:50 CEST 2019

> On Aug 21, 2019, at 7:55 AM, Marcin Marszałkowski <m.marszal at> wrote:
>> I said read See raddb/mods-available/eap, not raddb/mods-available/cache.  They are different things.
> And I did read eap module. And I doubt because there’s nothing in configured folder.

  What does that mean?  Which "configured folder"?

  The server shops with a default configuration for the eap module.  If there is no file there, then someone deleted it.

  If you don't know which folder to look in for the eap module configuration, then run the server in debugging mode. and *READ* the output.  It will tell you what folders / files it's reading.

  Maybe your local system puts the configuration files into /etc/freeradius instead of /etc/raddb.  We don't know where the files are, because you haven't told us which OS you're using.  And, you haven't posted the debug output which would show the configuration directory.

  Honestly, there's a *reason* we're so fanatical about "RUN IN DEBUG MODE AND READ THE OUTPUT".  It's because reading the debug output solves an enormous amount of problems.  Like the problem of "there's nothing in configured folder".

>> There *is* debug output you can read.  All of the documentation says to run "radiusd -X”.
> I know that, but I’m asking if there’s some tool to test cache content and not where to read debug...

  eapol_test is the testing tool to use.  My web site has full instructions for how to test EAP:

  It's been there for 15 years, and is the definitive guide to this subject.

  Alan DeKok.

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