Max Connections Limit

Eugene Grosbein fr at
Wed Aug 21 19:44:27 CEST 2019

21.08.2019 22:35, chrisming520 wrote:

> Hi experts:
> I have 3000,0+ users , when 1500 users connect radius server  at same time , all
>  can be authenticated .  but if there are more than 1500 users,the rest (some of
>  them ) can not get connect to server , get error like : NO REPLY FROM SERVER .
> can you tell me how to solve this problem ? thank you in advance .

Do you mean 1500 end users that connect to some RAS server like PPPoE or L2TP concentrator
or do you really have 1500 hosts connecting directly to single FreeRADIUS server?

You may be having problems with RAS server and not FreeRAIDUS.
For example, PPPoE server based on FreeBSD/mpd5 software
uses single process with multiple POSIX threads while talking to RADIUS server
and there is limit sysctl kern.threads.max_threads_per_proc equal to 1500 by default
so one must raise such limit to be able to process more than 1500 in-fly RADIUS requests.

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