Many Mac Addresses to several Vlan ID's Authentication(Aruba Switch) - How to deploy?

Sabic, Enes enes.sabic at
Tue Aug 27 12:14:43 CEST 2019


I'm new to freeradius and not experienced.

We've have 6 VlanID's in our deployment to special Images. So, we're deploying about 100 clients with these special images every day.
We made a powershell script on windows where we can put in Mac Addresses and  vlan id's. After putting in these entries, the script copies it to the freeradius server /tmp/mac2vlan.txt

In the documentation there is a mac2vlan file. So the problem is how to deploy these mac addresses and vlan id's to this mac2vlan file?
Will it be a good idea to make a mariadb import from /tmp/mac2vlan into the table(with two entries - one is macaddress and the other vlanid) or to work with the mac2vlan file itself??
I don't know how to approach this problem? I hope you understand what I mean....


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