issues with radius proxy settings

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Aug 29 00:16:13 CEST 2019

On Aug 28, 2019, at 5:29 PM, Prem Khanal <prem.khanal at> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. I went through the documentation of robust proxy
> accounting again. Here is my problem:
> 1. When I start freeradius -X, I can see the virtual server are started. (
> log snippet below )
> ...
> It doesn't forward accounting packets to the homeservers specified in
> robust-proxy-accounting configuration. Neither I could see any logs that
> would provide some hint what is wrong with my configuration.

  The server doesn't magically know to forward packets.  You have to *tell* it to forward packets.

  The default configuration does this.  You've edited it so that proxying doesn't happen.  Why?

  The sites-enabled/default file has a "preacct" section.  You've deleted the "suffix" module from that section.  Put it back.

  You also need to configure that file to write packets to the detail file in the "Post-Proxy-Type Fail-Accounting" section.  See the end of that file for details:

Post-Proxy-Type Fail-Accounting {

  And you MUST use the *same* detail file which is read by the "robust-proxy-accounting" virtual server.  This will likely mean using mods-available/  Again, you will likely have to edit it for your local site.

  Alan DeKok.

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