Proxy-tester nagios check for Freeradius

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 5 13:59:41 CET 2019

On Feb 5, 2019, at 5:58 AM, Fekete Tamás <fektom at> wrote:
> I would like to make a proxy-tester Nagios check for Freeradius and would
> like to ask some help for debugging as I experience some problem with using
> eapol_test.
> The design is that a user wants to authenticate at realm "A" with
> credentials stored at realm "B".
> The infrastructure already set up for proxying based on the realm names and
> the Access-Requests are do forwarded.


> I tried this proxy scenario with radtest. And with radtest it works.
> However, I have some questions regarding this developer work.
> Maybe you can help me.
> The first is: is it true, that radtest doesn't encrypt it's messages so
> proxy requests will contain the password in a recoverable manner?

  The User-Password attribute is protected "on the wire".  The passwords are recoverable, because the home server has to check them.

  See RFC 2865 Section 5.2 for more information.

  Alan DeKok.

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