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Wed Feb 6 07:50:44 CET 2019


> On 6/02/2019, at 6:16 PM, Sajad Tahernejad <sajad at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm installed freeradius on vps with this details
> 2 Core CPU - 4G RAM - HDD 100G 10k
> I see iowaot always +25%
> I see disk IO is +3MB/s with mysql
> I have about 200 users online.
> How can improve performance for iowait.

If MySQL is in IOWait you should engage your DBA or work with the MySQL people on that.

Some people here may have some suggestion that have worked for them with their MySQL installs, but they will just be suggestions and will not necessarily work with your MySQL install - if your load problem is in MySQL then you need to look there.
If people are to give you some suggestions, they will need some details.. but you haven’t provided any details about what you are doing, are you using the default MySQL queries? Auth? Accounting? Sqlippool?
What sort of throughput for auth/accounting? What have you configured FreeRADIUS to actually do?

Nathan Ward

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