Improve IO wait

Nathan Ward lists+freeradius at
Wed Feb 6 08:15:41 CET 2019

> On 6/02/2019, at 8:05 PM, Sajad Tahernejad <sajad at> wrote:
> Thanks for reply.
> Yes, I used all config default by freeradius.

I don’t think that’s completely true - you have mysql passwords, etc. configured, I presume.

> On this server are used mysql for freeradius only.
> I use Auth , Accounting and IPPool by mysql.

You have not answered my questions.

What is your usage profile like - what sort of throughput do you see for different packet types?

Can you share some debugs of auth and accounting messages?

Have you looked at the MySQL logs and slow query logs and so on? Run any MySQL tools to analyse performance? This is, after all, a MySQL performance issue, NOT a FreeRADIUS performance issue.

Nathan Ward

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